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Welcome to your Dedicated Car Hire Support & Advice Centre.
Here we've made it easy for you to AMEND, CANCEL or even LOOK UP your Car Hire booking.
Our Quick SEARCH FEATURE allows you to find answers to Frequently Asked Questions on topics like Excess & Insurance policies, Terms & Conditions or even Fuel Options. Don't be shy. If you've thought of it, it's likely we've answered it.
We want you to have the best rental experience possible. So before you pick up your hire car take a moment to view our TRAVEL ADVOCATE VIDEOS Section to ensure you enjoy a stress free journey. 
Remember, we are committed to Excellence & Quality in car Hire, so you can Drive Off Happy.


Fuel Policy

Car rental Fuel policies can differ depending on the Rental provider you choose.
When you pick up your rental car you should receive a full tank of fuel.
It's Important, before you drive away to check it is in fact full. If not, make sure you bring this to the attention of your rental agent.

Always check the rental agreement to see what fuel policy applies to your rental. Again, it differs from one rental agent to another.
The most common fuel policy is "Pick up Full, Return Full"
When you collect your car, it will have a full tank which is included in the rate. You may be required to leave a fuel deposit reserved on your credit card. 
Before returning the car, fill the tank to full again at any local filling station. 
If you don't you may be charged for refilling the tank to full at the Rental Agents rates and could also incur a refuelling charge.
Pick Up Full Return Empty: means you pay for a full tank when you collect your rental car, and are expected to return the car with an empty tank. Remember you will not be reimbursed for unused fuel if you have a short rental, So make the most of it and do some sight-seeing if you have time.
Fuel policy is always detailed in both your Rental Voucher and in the terms of service. Our advice is to always check that you have selected the fuel policy that suits you and the nature of your trip.
If you have any questions, it's likely we already have an answer for you on our Car Hire Support and Advice Centre, so make use of the Quick Search feature and be sure to Drive Off Happy.


Excess - Avoid it!

Car Hire Companies around the world will often apply an "Excess" on their Car Rent Insurance. Put simply Excess is the amount you will have to pay in the event a claim. 
This amount is sometimes called the "first part" of the claim and often depends on the country and hire company you have chosen. It can be applied to any component of a claim including theft, fire, vehicle damage or personal liability. 

Excess amounts can vary between different Rental Providers. So, as an example a Car Rental Company's Excess Policy may ask that you pay the first 500 of any Insurance claim and they will pay the remainder.
If an Excess amount is indicated in the Terms of service, that amount will be reserved on your Credit Card and released when you return the Rental Car without incident.

There are a few ways to avoid Excess in part or completely.

We consider the best and most cost effective way is to select "Excess Insurance Cover" when booking your car. While your Card may still have the excess amount reserved, in the event of a claim, you will have your Excess fee refunded to you.

There is also the option to take "Excess Insurance Cover" when you get to the rental desk, in many cases this can be considered by some as a more expensive option and if you have already taken out Excess Insurance Cover when booking we recommend that you politely decline the rental provider insurance to avoid double coverage.

If you have any questions, it's likely we already have an answered for you on our Car Hire and Advice Portal, so make use of the Quick Search feature there and be sure to Drive Off Happy


Traveling With Children

Travelling with young Children can be fun and exciting. However if not planned correctly it can sometimes be a little stressful. So here are our tips for a stress free journey with your young children.

When you get to the Rental Desk, only the named drivers need to show a valid driver's licence, so the rest of the family can take this time to enjoy a rest break or stock up on refreshments.

Travelling in warm climates remember to bring plenty of water and check your route and plan regular rest breaks.

UK resident will need to show both counterparts of your licence.

When traveling with babies its worth remembering that generally, Front Facing Child Car Seats are most widely available. Rear facing baby seats can be More Limited, so you may consider bringing the one you are familiar with or check with the local supplier for availability.

We recommend using a Sat Nav. This allows you to stay focused on the road and the safety of your children.

When returning the Rental Car we recommend that you check under the seats and side pockets to make sure favorite Toys or DVD's are not being left behind
If you have any questions, it's likely we already have an answer for you on our Car Hire Support and Advice Centre, so make use of the Quick Search feature and be sure to Drive Off Happy


Fine Print - Beat it!

Hiring a rental car should be simple and straight forward. But as with most transactions you should always pay attention to the terms of service so there are no nasty surprises.
Some people call it Fine print, but for most it's where the detail of your car rental is clarified and explained.

So, What should you take particular note of in your rental conditions when hiring a car?
Two common rental polices that can cause confusion relate to Fuel & Millage.
Our Tip is to check the Fuel policy in your Rental confirmation Voucher. 
Generally Pick up Full-Return Full is considered the best value. You'll find more detail in our Fuel Policy Explained video. 

Most rental providers will offer Unlimited Millage as standard, but again check your rental terms to be sure, as it may not always be the case.
Some rental agents include additional drivers in the base cost, others may charge a fee, But all will require the additional drivers present their licence in person at the rental desk also.
Generally speaking you need to inform the rental car company if there are going to be other people driving the car.

Finally, check the rental Voucher & Conditions to ensure your booking isn't going to present you with any unexpected charges. 
Policies and terms of service vary depending on your chosen Rental supplier, so make life easy and spend a few moments reading yours, you'll see the benefit at the rental desk with a hassle free pick up.
If you have any questions, it's likely we already have an answer for you, so make use of the Quick Search feature and be sure to Drive Off Happy

Checklist - Done!

To ensure a stress free pick up, take a moment to run through the following Useful Check list & reminders.

Have you printed your rental and Voucher?
You will need to present it and the "Terms of Service" pages at the rental desk.

Make sure you have a full & up to date driving license.
Typically drivers must hold a full license for minimum of 1 year with no major endorsements.
UK license holders must present both the photo card and its paper counterpart at the time of rental.
If your Drivers License is not in Roman alphabet? Please bring an International Driver's License together with your original domestic license.

A Credit Card in the name of the main driver is also required.
Most rental agents will allow you to book a car with a debit card, but a Credit Card is needed at the rental desk to release the vehicle.

And finally a photo I.D other than your driver's license. Usually a Passport or State ID card.

If you have any questions, it's likely we already have an answer for you on our Car Hire Travel and Advice Centre web site, so make use of the Quick Search feature and be sure to Drive Off Happy.

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