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ADA Location de véhicules

Ada Car Rental

Established in 1984, Ada Car Rental became the first of its kind to offer car rental and commercial vehicles at discount prices throughout France. Today, Ada Car Rental has developed into a major player in the rental car and commercial vehicle market.

With countless locations all around France, around 500 branches, Ada Car Rental sets up all around the country to appeal to holidaymakers or business travellers looking for transportation while in France.

Ada Car Rental has offices located throughout France. Whether a traveller is on holiday in Provence or attending a meeting in Paris, Ada Car Rental is there to lend the personal mobility to traverse the country.

The company’s goal speaks for itself. Ada Car Rental aims to lend the convenience in rental locations, a wealth of those locations and the best vehicles for travellers to hire while in France.

Drivers can choose from a number of vehicles in the Ada fleet including tourism style cars, utility vehicles and even electrical cars for those looking to be environmentally friendly. The company features a wealth of categories of vehicles when it comes to choosing the right wheels for a vacation or business trip in France.

In addition to providing rental locations all around France, Ada Car Rental also lends vehicles throughout French territories and nearby provinces. Travellers will also find the company in Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique, New Caledonia, Meeting, Mauritius, Luxembourg, Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia.

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